How To Unlock iPhone Without a Passcode or Face id or Computer?

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Apple company is one of the best companies in the world known for its safety. It also has the best features and camera on iPhone. Most people are attracted toward it because of the privacy, safety, features, and camera of the iPhone.

A few days ago, I was unable to unlock my iPhone because I have forgotten my password and didn’t recognize the password.

It is a typical issue that happens to everyone in the world. I tried everything nothing was working to unlock my iPhone without a password and because I was not using face lock then it was very difficult for me to unlock my iPhone.

Then I go through the service center and some of the shops to unlock my iPhone. They took so much money to unlock my device then after that I use to make my password as simple as possible but I know if I will make my password simple then anyone could guess the password.

They unlocked my iPhone but they did not tell me how to unlock the device because of their privacy issues but somehow I know how to unlock the iPhone without a password.

So to resolve that issue I found one of the best tricks for life long to unlock iPhone within minutes without a face Id and without a PC.

I found some tips and tricks to unlock my iPhone within minutes and it works.

If you also want to unlock your iPhone in this condition you have to follow up the instruction given below.

You can unlock your iPhone without a password or face ID or computer in various ways.

1. Unlock an iPhone without a password with the Find My App.

How To Unlock iPhone Without a Passcode or Face id or Computer?
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How To Unlock iPhone Without a Passcode or Face id or Computer?

  • Download and open the find my app on the other IOS iPhone. Log in with Your Apple ID and password of your Locked iPhone.
  • Click Devices, and select your locked iPhone.
  • Click on Erace This Device and tap continue when you see a prompt.
  • Then, type your mobile number and enter messages if you want these will appear on the screen after erasing the device. Then, tap on Erase.
  • Finally, enter the Apple ID and password connected to the iPhone again and click on Erase.
  • Then you will be able to unlock your iPhone.

2. Unlock an iPhone by Calling Apple Support.

If you’re not comfortable using these methods to unlock your device yourself, you can call Apple Support and talk to an Apple advisor. They will tell you the best way to unlock your iPhone within minutes.

They will tell you the best way to resolve your every issue with the iPhone. Because they have the best experience in communicating and giving better advice for any issues related with their company product.

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